Come home from work and find your dog limping? Does your pet need a last-minute vaccination before your trip? We are here to help!

After Hours Vet is committed to providing you and your furry family members with exceptional veterinary care during times that are convenient for you. Our clinic is open Friday nights and weekends when most regular veterinary offices are closed.

We offer cost-effective treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. After Hours Vet is NOT an emergency facility and does not provide hospitalization, critical care or surgical services.

If your pet is in need of immediate veterinary attention, please contact the nearest emergency veterinary clinic:

1) MedVet Richardson
2) Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County WEST

Our conveniently located clinic provides friendly and high quality urgent medical care at convenient hours and at a reasonable cost to pet owners.

After Hours Vet is NOT an emergency clinic and does not provide any overnight hospitalization or surgeries.